Training program

The research and training schemes in DEFNET closely interconnect the disciplines of materials chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and materials modelling into one consortium which will provide ESRs with a fundamental understanding and excellent education in the most exciting and emerging field of (functional) molecular framework materials science. A rich portfolio of competences and transferable skills within and outside the academic sector will be offered.

The research and training of 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR/PhD) in DEFNET covers diverse fields and the training activities are based on 6 workshops on materials synthesis, characterisation, theory and applications. Two schools with an integrated transferable skills training program in "academic skills" and "entrepreneurship" will be offered with the aim of a bottom-up approach in the self-development of young researchers. The DEFNET network is designed to actively promote the careers of the fellows, ESR secondments to other academic and non-academic partners and joint PhD supervision schemes will be adopted.

A broad curriculum will be adopted for the training of ESRs in the MOF field by offering training in synthesis, characterisation, theory and modelling methods, as well as in transferable skills.