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  • DEFNET Workshop-4
    "Advanced Characterization of MOFs" will be organized at CNRS, Marseille, France (Program)

  • DEFNET Workshop-3
    Theory and Spectroscopic studies on MOFs was held at University of Gent, Belgium on March 22 - 24, 2016. (Program)

  • DEFNET Summer School-1
    was organized at CSIC-ITQ, Valencia, Spain. Date: 21. to 24.06.2016

  • The joint workshop 1 & 2 of DEFNET was held in KU Leuven, on Dec 1-4 2015. (Program)

  • ESR Vacancies (CLOSED)

  • INFO-Flyer! (pdf, 82KB)

  • Starting Date: 01.01.2015

A unique international collaborative research platform based on excellence

The collaborative research and innovative doctoral training program in DEFNET is a unique effort involving Trans-European research driven universities and institutes together with small and large innovative industries. DEFNET enables industry and academia to work together in an international, multi-disciplinary context in the exciting and currently advancing field of molecular network materials (MOFs) science and engineering.

Duration: 4 years (2015 -2018)

Horizon 2020